We often write about the various programs and services that the API uses. Often it is difficult for a layman to understand this technological term. We offer you a simple explanation of the API and several examples of its use.

So, let’s start with the definition. API (Application Programming Interface) is a programming interface, application creation interface. In a more understandable language, the API is a ready-made code for simplifying the life of a programmer. The API was created so that the programmer could really facilitate the task of writing an application by using ready-made code (for example, functions). Everyone knows jQuery written in JavaScript is also a kind of API. If we consider this particular example, jQuery makes it much easier to write code. The fact that the usual JavaScript tools could be done in 30 lines, through jQuery is written in 5-6. If you look at the API in general, you can find a lot of services that represent development solutions. The most famous to date is the service code.google.com, providing about fifty different API Services! This is the interface for creating Android-applications, and various APIs for working with AJAX, and various API applications that can be easily adjusted in their own way.

  • A programmer can use the API to gain access to the functionality of a third-party program. The API makes possible the operation of resources that use the potential and power of another site or program.
  • We are all used to the fact that on different online services or platforms, we can instead log in through our accounts in social networks. This is exactly the use of the API, when services or applications use social networking databases. In this case, the service can receive information about the user and use it for their own purposes. Another example: Amazon offers the user books based on the choice of books of his friends in facebook.

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Another example of using the API is the IFFFT service, which we recently wrote about. This service allows you to link user accounts in various online services and programs so that an action in one program causes an action in another program.

Using the API reduces the need to create complex programs or applications. Instead, you can use ready-made parts of existing resources that have access to the information and data you need.

You need to have a proper idea for the same and that also within the budget that you have. Therefore, these are the matters you will have to be careful about. These information are specific and that is the reason that you will be having the smartest deals. You need to be specific in the use of the same.
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