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This is hard enough, as it is difficult to explain to non-SEO how to rank a web page. In an increasingly complicated area, to do well, you need to have a good job with a wide variety of detailed themes.

SEO checklist

We know many of you sometimes wonder, “God, We feel tense trying to explain to someone outside the SEO profession how to rank a web page.” Well, you know what? Let’s examine this topic a little bit. There are tons of ranking details in the world of SEO to try to qualify in Google’s results. But when we think broadly, we think that only a few elements, in fact, only the nine that we have here can generally bring you the majority of what is needed to know about 2018. So let’s dive into this. For Marketing for Collsculpting Businesses these are the essential matters now.

Traceable, accessible URLs

We want Googlebot spiders to reach our page, understand the content that is there, in readable format, understand images and visualizations, or video or embedded or anything else you have on your page in the way that they will be able to place their web index. This is crucial. Without him, none of the rest of these councils matter.

Exploring keywords

We need to know and uncover the words and phrases that seekers actually use to solve or get answers to the problem that is contained in your world. These should be issues that your organization, your site actually contains, and your content will help them solve them.

Therefore the intent behind all these terms and phrases must be the same so that the same content can serve them. When you do, we now have a primary and secondary set of keywords that we can focus on in our optimization efforts.

Investigate SERP to find out what Google considers to be the relevant search

We want you to do some investigation of SERP, that is, execute a Google search query, see what is shown to you, and then decide what Google means to search for certain keywords. What does Google think of the content that will respond to this keyword’s query? Try to understand the intention, the type of content you need and any missing pieces.

Create content to serve the target of the searcher

Here are three elements. First, we want really credible, trusted and experienced people to create our content.

Then we try to serve the target of the seeker and solve our problem and want to do it better than anyone else does on the front page, because if we do not, even if we’ve optimized a lot, over time Google will do you know what? Searchers are disappointed with your score compared to other results and they will rank these people higher.


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